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Dublin's nr 1 painting and also decorating company -- Painting and Redecorating Techniques: Dragging

To generate a feeling of luxurious silk or designer wallpapers "faux dragging" can be applied on the most adequately smooth and readied surfaces. Whilst it is a fairly easy method to actually learn it creates enormous benefits to the overall painting and designing project as the finishes are both luxurious and beautiful.painting and decorating dublin

A huge number of different glazes as well as latex paints can be used to build the "faux dragging" effect but we would always suggest having an oil based fresh paint or glaze as it gives your more leeway in terms of trying to adjust it into the requisite styles as non-oil based ones can dry extremely quickly. This specific best thing about this technique isn't that only does it work about walls and ceilings but it can be easily applied to most types of woodwork and furniture.

The effect is created when a dry brush can be pulled through a tinted glaze. In doing so the base shade is revealed within very fine lines, that make the wall's look like cotton fabric. Dragging is most effective in soft colours such as pastels, over a bright base coat. You can even use a cream or perhaps off-white base with bronze or taupe colours to create a "vintage" look. house painting dublin

Out of your tender are the steps you should take to perform "faux dragging":

Apply the two coats of your latex base coat (white or off-white). After painting both coats, allow wall dry for about two hours.

Mix satin latex paint with latex double glazed liquid according to the instructions n the bundle of the glazing water.

Apply the coloured glaze to a workable length of surface area.

Start at one end and pull a 4" pulling brush (or any long bristled brush) through the wet glaze. You can also conduct this technique using a dry out rag. Repeat repeatedly to get the desired result. Keep your hand as steady as you can because you drag.

Also note that if you are actually dealing with the full height of the wall from ceiling to base aboard, you can use a very broad brush, such as a picture brush or even the extensive end of a broom.

Repeat steps 3 & 4 on the subsequent area. Clean the dragging brush with a rag before hauling the next area.

In case applying the dragging end to woodwork or even trim, apply a cover of varnish, after the conclude is dry.

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